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Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems

Evacuated Tube Solar Explained

Evacuated tubes consist two glass tubes fused at the top and bottom and sealed. The space between the two tubes is evacuated to form a vacuum. A copper pipe (called a heat pipe) generated absorbs the heat collected in the tubs. The heat pipe tube meets a copper manifold at the top of the unit and the heat is transferred to the manifold. The manifold is connected to a pipe pumping water through the manifold thus heating the water during the day when solar radiation is present. The hot water is then stored in an insulated tank for use during the night hours. When hot water is used, the tank if refilled with cold water and the process continues

Unlike traditional flat plate solar collectors which rely solely on solar radiation. The evacuation tube can extract the heat out of the air on a humid day and doesn’t require direct sunlight. Due to the vacuum inside the glass tube, and its larger collection surface area evacuated tube solar is the most efficient type of solar unit due to its ability still work when the sun is not direct – such as when it’s early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

Apricus Solar Evacuated Tube Summary

Apricus Hot Water Collection Animation

Benefits of an Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System

  • Plumber Preferred

    Evacuated tube hot water systems are lightweight and modular allowing a plumber to assemble without the need for expensive cranes. Most systems also come with a 10 -15 year warranty, giving plumbers and their clients peace of mind.

  • Cold Weather performance & Frost Protection

    Evacuated tubes have a vacuum between two layers of glass. This is the exact same principle as a thermos flask. This allows up to 95% of the solar heat captured to be retained and leads to a higher performance in any climate. All hot water systems are manufactured with build in frost protection (-15 0 C) not reliant on Glycol, meaning less maintenance.

  • Strong Cyclone Rated Light-weight Durable Design

    Mounting frames used on evacuated tube solar installs are manufactured using light weight materials. a typical 30 tube unit weighs approximately 110kg, mounting frames are rated to withstand cyclonic winds. Evacuator tubes have been independently tested to withstand impact from a 25mm hail stone at 90km/h.

  • Passive Sun Tracking

    The round tube design of the solar collectors passively tracks the sun, generating solar hot water earlier in the morning until later in the afternoon.

  • Rebates Available

    Solar hot water systems are eligible for renewable energy STC Rebate (Small Scale Technology Certificates) assisting in the cost of purchasing and installing a new system. Occasionally solar systems may be eligible for generous local, state and federal government rebates as well.

Solar Heat Pump Hot Water Units

Solar Heat Pump Explained

A heat pump uses renewable energy to heat water in a different way to traditional solar hot water systems. Heat pumps collect heat from the ambient air, a fan draws air into the unit where the air meets an evaporator containing a refrigerant gas that has a boiling point of -260C.  The air is far warmer than the refrigerant, therefore the refrigerant is then converted to a gas and boils. This gas is compressed and as a result, a great deal of heat is generated. The heat exchanger transfers heat from the gas pipes to a water tank. Once the heat transfer takes place, the refrigerant cools down and turns back into a liquid and the cycle repeats itself.

Heat pump hot water can save you a lot of money on your hot water bills as they use approximately one third the energy of an electric water heater. Additionally, there’s generous rebates available making them an extremely economical option!

Dux Heat Pump Summary

Benefits of Heat Pump Solar Hot Water System

  • Energy Output

    A heat pump produces around 400% of renewable energy than electricity required to power the unit.

  • No Roof Space or Panels

    A heat pump is classed as a solar unit due to the renewable energy it can harness.

  • Ease Of Installation

    A heat pump can be easily upgraded due to water and electrical connection being in the same place as a traditional electric unit.

  • Rebates Available

    Heat pumps are eligible for renewable energy STC Rebate (Small Scale Technology Certificates) assisting in the cost of purchasing and installing a new system. Occasionally heat pumps may be eligible for generous local, state and federal government rebates as well.

Gas Storage & Instantaneous Gas Hot Water

Gas Hot Water Explained


Instantaneous Hot water

Tankless continuous flow water systems are the most installed type of gas hot water heater. The biggest reason is due to the fact that they never run out of hot water. Instantaneous units produce hot water on demand by sending water through a gas burner. A thermostat then controls the temperature of the output to the desired temp. The result is instant hot water without using the energy to store and maintain hot water and reheat several times before use.

Gas Storage Hot Water Unit

Gas storage systems create hot water on a similar principle to instantaneous, however the water is created and stored in a large storage tank. Gas storage units are generally cheaper to run than electric storage hot water systems.

Rinnai Continuous Flow Summary

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The gas used to produce the hot water burns very cleanly, with very low emissions. This results in cleaner air and less pollution compared to burning of coal to produce electric hot water.

  • Energy Efficient

    Some gas hot water systems are up to 95% more efficient that electric hot water units. Instantaneous gas hot water only heats the water when required, saving energy on keeping large volumes of water hot like traditional storage tanks.

  • Cost Effective

    With rising electricity prices all the time, gas hot water has become a popular choice especially if you have natural gas or LPG tanks running into your home

  • Efficient & quicker heating

    A gas storage hot water system will het up a full tank of water much quicker than a traditional electric storage system. This means less running out of hot water and more enjoying a comfortable hot shower anytime.

Electric Storage Hot Water System

Electric Storage Hot water units heat water inside an insulated tank using an electric element. They can be made more efficient by wiring the unit up to an off-peak electrical circuit. Electric storage are the least efficient type of system to run, and with rising electricity prices, also the most expensive to run. However they are the cheapest initial investment and easiest and quickest to install due to the ability to replace like for like without re working any plumbing pipework.

Low Initial Investment

An electric storage hot water tank system is relatively cheap to buy and install, however usually the most expensive to run, especially if not on an off-peak tariff.

Can heat overnight when off peak power is cheaper

Systems that run on off-peak electricity have remarkably cheaper running cost, however require a larger tank as the water heated overnight has to last the whole next day.

Can Be Installed anywhere

Due to not venting any heat like gas can, an electric hot water unit can be installed inside or outside so can be hidden in cupboards or roof space.

Ease of Install

Electric hot water units are able to be replaced and retrofitted quite easily and are readily stocked by plumbing suppliers & hardware stores, meaning a unit replacement will have minimal time that occupants are without hot water.

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