Blocked Drains & Repairs

In many situations, minor internal drain blockages can be cleared with chemicals or a plunger. Unfortunately, if that just doesn’t cut it and you have a major blockage on your hands, you need the experience and expertise of Mr Plumber.

We come equipped to clear your blocked drain with state of the art machines that can clear any obstructions quickly and efficiently. If you find that you have a recurring issue, we are able to send our CCTV Drain Camera down the drain to inspect the issue. Once an issue is found in the pipework, we can locate exactly where the problem is underground using our pipe locator which assists us in making repairs quicker and more efficiently.

Professional Experience

Hydro Jet Rod High Pressure Pipe Cleaner

A jet rodder, also commonly known as a high pressure jetter or hydro jet,  consists of a high pressure flexible hose which is attached to a precision nozzle. A rear facing jet on the nozzle helps guide the hose down the pipe to the source of the blockage. Water is then pumped at high intensity into the hose, forcing powerful jets of water out of the front of the nozzle. The water pressure can be so intense that it can clear almost any type of blockage as well as cut tree roots into small pieces making it easier to be washed away. Once the blockage has been cleared, a rear facing jet cleans the pipe thoroughly while propelling it back through the pipe.

CCTV Drain Camera and Pipe Locator

Drain cameras are a small camera head surrounded by LED lights that is fed into the sewer pipe system. This allows the plumber to see a real-time view of the blockage or issue via a monitor at the surface.

The CCTV camera can be fed down the drain to identify issues with pipework like cracks, disconnections, crushed pipework or tree root intrusions. Once the issue has been found, the camera head sends a signal to the surface to locate where the head is underground in case excavation is required. Photographs and video footage can then be sent to client or authority to review.

Rigid Electric Eel

The Rigid Electric Eel, also known as plumbers snake, is a relatively older form of drain cleaning. Some of the benefits of the electric eel is its ability to extract items from the drain using different heads where a jet rodder will keep pushing the issue further down the drain. Cutting heads can also be attached and are designed to cut through tree roots and any hard buildup.

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